Why The Wholesale Banking Market Is Set To Grow Fast!


Introduction:  With new legislation such as the Durbin amendment, Dodd-Frank, and Basel III in place, banks are scrambling to get their house in order. This means banks need to hire salespeople. The banking industry is one of the most cutthroat in the business world. With new regulations in place, banks are desperate to have someone … Read more

How Aged People Learn Better: The Science of Aging & Memory


Introduction: The human brain continues to develop throughout our lives. However, there are also age-related changes in the brain that may affect learning. Learn how aging affects memory. Find out what researchers have discovered so far.  Aging affects everyone differently. Some people age faster than others. Some people have healthy brains and some have unhealthy … Read more

Why You Should Hire An IP Attorney To Write Your Business Plan

Business Plan

Introduction: Business planning is a process that helps businesses plan out their business operations in order to succeed in the marketplace. Business planning can also be referred to as strategic planning or as planning for future growth. A business plan is important because it helps companies plan out their operations, which enables them to make … Read more

An Environmental Lawyer’s Advice for Green-Building Businesses


Introduction: In this new green building series, we will examine the laws and regulations surrounding green building in relation to environmental lawyers. A lot of businesses are now thinking about the environment. Many companies are focusing on energy efficiency and green building practices to help them become more sustainable. They are taking a long term … Read more

How a Low-Income Couple Paid Off Their Medical Bills with Insurance


Introduction: We are living in tough times right now. I know we all wish for a pay check every month without worrying how we’re going to make it to the end of the month. This blog was created to showcase how some families can’t pay their medical bills, but they can do so by going … Read more