Watch kayaker get swallowed by whirpool as daredevil takes on river rapids

Superb YouTube footage reveals thrillseeker being sucked below the water as he tackles the Butcher’s Knife Fast on the Ottawa River

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That is the scary second a kayaker will get swallowed by a whirlpool.

Juanito de Ugarte was tackling the menacingly-named Butcher’s Knife Fast on the Ottawa River in Ontario, Canada, when he was sucked below the water.

The daredevil disappears for round ten seconds beneath the floor earlier than reappearing – unscathed – a brief distance down the river.

The dramatic footage was captured by a fellow kayaker and posted on YouTube.

One viewer wrote: “That was freaking superior. It could have scared the crap out of me lol.”

One other added: “They appear bored. A whirlpool consuming a pal? No matter. Respect fellas!”

The river is alleged to be one of many prime 5 white water rafting locations on the earth.

Underwater problem: Kayaker is swallowed by river

The tourism web site says: Rapids on the Ottawa River are created from enormous vertical drops and passages solid between its mid-stream islands. And so they get large!

“The river’s two channels supply very totally different experiences: The ‘fundamental channel’ is the rafters’ favorite with full-flowing rapids, whereas the ‘center channel’ is favoured by kayakers. And with names comparable to ‘Hell’s Half Mile’, it is a spot to have some severe enjoyable.”

It provides: “Rafters will get all of the enjoyable they might ever hope for; operating by way of the third main fast you may discover your raft tackling the whirlpools of a drop pool, identified menacingly as ‘Butcher’s Knife.'”

The Ottawa River is 1,200km lengthy and defines Ontario’s border with Quebec.

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